Carrot Cake Cookies

I’m a big fan of carrot cake, but making cakes is NOT my favorite thing – I’d much rather make mini desserts like cookies or cupcakes! (Sidenote: Did you know that’s actually one of the reasons this blog is called Sweet Mini Moments?) A few years ago, I made these carrot cake cookies to bring … Continue reading Carrot Cake Cookies

Irish Potatoes: A Sweet Treat for St. Patrick’s Day

The cheesesteak, the soft pretzel…and the Irish potato? Yes, Irish potato candies are a Philadelphia tradition going back over 100 years! While there are no actual potatoes in the Philadelphia version of this confection, they get their name because they are made to look like miniature potatoes. Typically the candies have a coconut butter cream … Continue reading Irish Potatoes: A Sweet Treat for St. Patrick’s Day

Fall Fruit Salsa Recipe

Back in May, I share a fruit salsa recipe that I made with lots of chopped strawberries and other fruits. It’s a great party-friendly snack or dessert that’s easy to tweak based on preferences. I said then that I’ve made a few different versions of this recipe and with the seasons now changing from summer … Continue reading Fall Fruit Salsa Recipe